How to create Baby’s photo album

By creating a photo album dedicated to Baby, you will be able to remember the small happinesses and the first times of your piece of cabbage according to your desires.

The first months of Baby are so precious that we would like to immortalize every moment … The photo book is the ideal solution to preserve these memories full of emotion. His first steps, his first outing to the beach or his countless smiles, all these moments of happiness with your toddler will find their place in a book that you will enjoy for many years.

Tip 1: Sort your photos by month

On your computer, think of classifying your photos in folders dedicated to each month of the year to be able to consult them easily according to the date sought. Here are some more tips on how to efficiently organize your photos.

Tip 2: Use different customization options

We regularly update the customization options on the theme of toddlers, the opportunity to bring a touch of fantasy to your photo book! Feel free to vary layouts, cliparts and backgrounds for a unique rendering. For an even simpler option, use one of our baby themed books.

Tip 3: Do not forget the little memories of everyday life

If baby’s first birthday or first Christmas is of course lasting memories, the more ordinary moments are just as precious! To avoid forgetting them over time, do not hesitate to integrate everyday memories into your book, such as photos taken during a pleasant day at the park …

Tip 4: Do not use photos only

Baby’s photo album is not just pictures of his first months! Anything you can scan, such as an invitation to its first birthday party or birth announcement, will find its place in a photo book that will be all the more rich in memories. Check out this article on our blog to discover other memories that you can scan.