How to create a photo album in few steps?

Create your photo book upon your return to be able to show it to your family. On smartphoto, the creation interface offers a lot of freedom and is quite simple to use. I always find a design appropriate to the story told by my photos (holidays, children’s party, wedding, book of the year, …). And finally, if every year I print my books on smartphoto it is for the quality of printing and of course the wide choice in the size and format of the books.

I come to what brings us here. How to create a photo album concretely? Follow the 8 steps that follow and create a nice photo book without any fuss ;-). Starting signal !

Select your photos

If you are, too, a trigger ace on vacation, you have hundreds (what do I say thousands) of stock photos.

I tell you right now, we will have to carefully select – and unscrupulous – the photos you want to put in your book!

Store your photos in chronological order, or group them by theme, trip or by photo album topic.
Select one to two photos per place visited or anecdote.
If you made 30 pictures of the same landscape, keep only the most beautiful!
Look for the right balance of landscapes, portraits, close-ups, etc.


Add tangible memories to your photo album: plane tickets, show tickets, road maps, subway tickets, … You can scan them, leave a free space in your book to paste your memory afterwards, or order a box presentation compartments, in which you can keep these memories.

Choose the right book for your story

Now that you know what you are going to put in your book, you can choose the format and orientation that best suits your photos: landscape orientation, portrait or square, M, L or XL format, depending on the purpose in which you create your album, your photos and your budget. This is an important step because you will not be able to change the format and type of cover, binding etc. once your book is completed.
My advice :

You want a book to slip easily into your bag? Choose an M or Collection photo book
Do you want to share your big memories with your loved ones on your couch? Choose an XL format
You want the best value for your memories in top quality?

Photo coverage is usually what I’m looking for a photo book. But you can also opt for a linen blanket or a black faux leather cover. If like me you like to find your photos on the cover, know that you can customize both a hard cover that flexible. Linen and imitation leather covers are only available on hard covers.