Create your photobook of the year in 6 steps

It’s decided: we take advantage of the holidays to sort through our photos and create a personalized photo album of the best moments of the year. Follow the guide!

It must be admitted: even if the photos overflow our devices, we do not necessarily take the time to watch them. So, to save these clichés of oblivion, we take advantage of a gray weekend or a week of vacation to select the best and make a souvenir photo book of the year that we can leaf through when we good appears. Perfect to give us a smile in less than two.

1. Sorting and selection

It’s certainly the biggest job, but you have to start somewhere! And then, it’s always good to plunge into memories of almost a year. So, we settle comfortably, we review our photos and create a folder with those we want to keep. Then, because there will certainly be too much, we sift our selection to reduce it.

2. Organization of the book

Once the photos are reviewed, we can move on to the organization of the book and set a “guideline” to our photo album. Some questions to ask yourself:

What is the subject of my book: family, friends, my children, my couple or a little bit of everything?
Are there themes in my book: holidays, in town, food, in the garden, the “bad and funny pictures you should not have seen” …
Will the order of the photos be chronological or will it be according to the themes?

The best is to take note of the organization and see if there are enough photos for each theme or section.

3. Choice of theme

In terms of design and layout, Jean Coutu’s online printing services allow you to choose from many themes. From the most classic (white, black …) to the most original (“My square photos”, “Alphanimals”, “Mosaic” …). An overview is available for each theme to get an idea of ​​the result.

4. Choice of coverage

Rigid or flexible, cardboard or leather: choosing the cover of your photo book is an important step, especially if you intend to expose the photo album as a decorative object. Once the format chosen, remains to select the photo. Good news for the undecided: it is possible to make a mini photo montage for the first page, just to not have to choose a single representative photograph for the whole book.

5. Adding comments

Whether it’s a date, an anecdote, an explanatory legend or a real novel, comments must be neat, well written … and without spelling mistakes! Better to write them in a software with corrector to avoid any shell.

6. More tips

Creating a personalized photo book is within everyone’s reach! The only limit is probably our imagination … and the quality of our photos. It is always best to use the maximum resolution when taking pictures and choosing JPG or JPEG files, which are easier to transfer.

And nothing like an explanatory video to motivate yourself.