Create an original photo album from printed paper, cardboard

Despite the advent of digital and all free software that can build a photo library and create an online photo album, some people continue to make paper prints to capture their most beautiful moments. Similarly, many are still attached to personalized photo albums that we offer or that we take pleasure in browsing with family to remember some moments past.

Also, to highlight your most beautiful photos or make an original and personalized gift, we have selected four tutorials that present photo albums to do yourself. Easy to duplicate, these miniature or larger models require some simple tools and home-made decor accessories or purchased at hobby craft and scrapbooking stores.
Our practical advice before launching

For more precision in your cuts, use a guiding and staking rule. This multifunction scrapbooking tool serves as both a ruler and scissors (integrated cutter).
To decorate your photo album, you will find, on the sites and in the specialized shops, a vast range of decorative scrapbooking accessories such as glitter, buttons, ribbons, stamps, stencils, stickers, carnations, rhinestones …
To give an aged look to your photos or album, use the tool called “paper distresser”. It allows to create asperities on the borders.
To reinforce the edges and angles of the album, apply thin strips of masking tape.

Made from paper envelopes decorated and connected to each other, this album allows you to store up to 4 photos in each postcard format (standard size: 15 cm x 10 cm).

White envelopes 22 cm x 11 cm
Decorative scrapbooking paper
Masking tape decorative
Colorful gift paper (patterned or plain)
Deco scrapbooking (buttons, lace, stamp …)


Close all envelopes
Cut them to the width at 18.6 cm from the edge
Cut out 2 triangles (1.5 x 1.5 cm) at each of the outside corners of the opening
Fold each of the formed paper edges on the outside
Decorate the envelopes
Punching the envelopes at the ends
Connect the envelopes with the cord
Realize tags (rigid supports of photos that can be annotated)